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What is The Good Crowd ?

The ability to harness digital innovation and leverage the data economy to drive revenue is paramount to survival. In an increasingly fast-paced digital society, organisations must find new ways to engage members and generate revenue. The Good Crowd offers this opportunity!

The Good Crowd  allows organisations to embrace a new source of revenue, at no cost, unobtrusively, with peace of mind, and no lock-in commitment.

How does The Good Crowd work?

The Good Crowd enables member organisations to mobilize home-based supporters and engage them in on-demand online market research activities; delivering new revenue, enhanced profiling, and increased brand awareness. We do this by leveraging the demand for insight from the global $65 billion market research industry and the passion of your supporters.

The Good Crowd  ‘Platform’ is a self-service interface that allows any sized member organisation to launch their own sophisticated market research panel under and start generating revenue in minutes. Larger organisations can leverage more advanced features with a custom designed solution.

Why The Good Crowd ?

Building a online survey panel with The Good Crowd delivers considerable value to a member organisation in the form of:

  • Direct revenue
    Revenue is generated each time a member participates in a research activity and can be shared with the member, captured fully by the organization, or a combination.
  • Data & indirect revenue
    Each time a member attempts to participate new profiling data is added to member’s profile. This first party data can be used internally for campaign targeting and segmentation.
  • Research capabilities
    Once built, the Good Crowd model allows partner organisations to utilize their panel for internal market research, through internal or existing insight teams or through our strategic research partner.
  • Anyone, anytime, anywhere
    Traditional revenue generation involves a fixed event that by definition limits participation, The Good Crowd  however, offers revenue generation opportunities for everyone, anytime, anywhere, on any device.
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